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About us

Learn about who we are and what we strive to accomplish

Our mission

    Oftentimes while braving troubling periods of history, creativity and the education of our newest generations can be set to the side in the face of obstacles; it is our mission to resolve this problem.

   The Outlet, begun in the summer of 2020, is a website where young adults can express their creativity and inspire others through original writing and music. We hope to use our growing platform to hold contests for young adults to spark their imaginations. Additionally, in the near future, we plan to host webinars and fundraisers to promote education.

Meet Our Team


Ava Arasan


Ava Arasan is a 15-year-old who, since she was little, has always felt a pull towards music and language. After tutoring young students in English over the summer and publishing her poetry book Through Multiple Eyes in 2018, she began The Outlet and hopes to use the growing platform to promote innovation, to aid students, and to better education. In her free time, Ava enjoys singing, practicing the piano, and daydreaming about what she would do if she met a unicorn.

Atri - i just submitted pls edit ty.jpg

Atri Banerjee


Atri is a sophomore who has always taken pleasure in music. He enjoys composing, playing the piano and the trombone, and of course, listening to music. In addition, Atri loves playing soccer and is a huge Messi fan. Barcelona winning the Champions League this year would mean everything to him. Over summer, he has spent his free time solving the Rubik's cube repeatedly, hoping to bring his time down to ten seconds. 


Johnny Kuehnis


Johnny Kuehnis is a sophomore who lives in California. He's been involved in music since he was four years old, has played piano for over 8 years, and is currently learning the violin. He also enjoys volleyball and has played since the seventh grade.

Austina xu


Austina Xu is a sophomore who lives in California. While her headshot may suggest the beginnings of a professional photographer in the making, in her free time, she is usually found drawing, procrastinating, chasing her cat, or all three at once. This may lead you to think that her photo is quite misleading. You are right. Her dislikes include bananas, the dark, and really hot days.  

Luce Cada


Luce Cada is a current sophomore in Northern California. Ever since she was little, she loved writing and explored all forms of poetry and prose. Some of her hobbies include singing, dancing, reading, and writing. When she’s not listening to her favorite Korean artists, she‘s exploring new ideas and learning new skills, including multiple languages.

Sarina Li


Sarina is a sophomore based in California. They love art and have drawn for approximately 15 years. Their speciality is character-driven artwork, though surrealist acrylic paintings are also acceptable. When they aren't working on pieces for school or extracurriculars, you can find them drawing angsty fan art of Hange Zoë. Tuxedo cats and Photoshop brush packs are their jam.

Tanvi Thota


Tanvi Thota is a 16-year-old from Dublin, California. Since she was little, she has always enjoyed being creative and exercising her artistic side whenever she can. After taking a beginner’s photography course, she became very interested in the art form. In addition to photography, Tanvi enjoys dancing and taking up small art projects. She likes to spend her free time learning to cook and bake new dishes. Although she is very picky, she loves tasting new foods and cannot live without her secret stash of dark chocolate.

Spencer Owen


Spencer dabbles in all kinds of mediums but has a soft spot for collage. He has been doing art for 5 years now and looking forward to doing it in the future. His dream is to have a career as an art director.

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