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The Gallery

Welcome to The Gallery, the home of the works of art and photography of our ambassadors. We are very excited to introduce the newest column of our website and hope that you enjoy!

If you are interested in joining our team as a member or ambassador, please feel free to contact or dm us over Instagram @theoutlet.inspire!

Art & Photography Column

Sarina Li


This piece was filled with ups and downs as I tried to work with acrylics on mixed media paper. The quality of the paper proved to be very difficult to maneuver. In an attempt to salvage the painting, I threw all caution to the wind and decided to let my blind intuition guide me. The failed painter's tape tear was merely the cherry on top of this experimental journey.


In contrast to "Tear," I decided on giving this piece a calmer atmosphere. I was heavily inspired by Frida Kahlo's flat perspectives and bright colors. I referenced a picture of my cat biting a llama plushie, though some creative liberties were taken. I wanted to capture a warmer feeling with the softer textures and pinkish undertones. Fittingly enough, the painting now resides in my sibling's college dorm to remind them of our beloved pet.

Tanvi Thota


The photo depicts fully blossomed apple flowers sitting near the center of a branch. These flowers and surrounding pink buds are highlighted against the desaturated background. Furthermore, the pink color pop effect emphasizes the subjects and creates clarity throughout the piece. The addition of a slight tint evokes colder emotions.


This photo illustrates a silhouette of a figure posing in the middle of a pathway. Large trees and other greenery form the sides of the frame. I experimented with editing to display more shadows than highlights. Also, I used a low angle in an attempt to create more dimension and allow the subject to appear backlit.


This photo displays a beach with silhouettes of rocks and people in the right half. The brightness of the sun compliments the warm orange hues of the picture. I angled the camera slightly toward the sky so that the sun drew the most attention. I didn’t want to have a clear subject in this photo and instead tried to have each element add significance.

Spencer Owen

Safe & Secured

This piece I made during quarantine. I wanted to portray the physical place and mind space I preferred to be in that moment. I wanted to be on a lone Caribbean island feeling safe and secured instead of feeling anxiety and stress like I was feeling then.

Will She Catch The Duck?

Here I wanted to do something very surreal and odd from the mundane. All the clippings are from different eras of national geographics, and together it creates something bizarre.

Austina Xu


This was one of the pieces from a set of three paintings I did in watercolor. Whenever I don't know what to draw, I always find myself turning to koi fish. Their fluidity and almost ethereal design perfectly compliment the flow of watercolor.

When it gets too hot

I first started out this work wanting to experiment with my printer. I glued a piece of emergency blanket to a piece of printer paper and then I printed a photo I took onto the emergency blanket. It turned into different color damp dots on the eme blanket. Wanting to preserve the effect, I then rolled the emergency blanket onto a piece of watercolor paper and I got the background for this piece. I then wanted to collage on it, so I first found Gigi Hadid and put her at the top. Then to continue with the drop effect, I cut drops out of gradient paper I had.

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