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Join our Team!

If you are interested in joining the Outlet Inspire's writing, composing, or art and photography teams as an ambassador, please read the information below or check out the About Us tab. We would love to have you!

General Information

  • Applications are Currently Open

  • Applicants must be in 8th-12th grade

  • Writers, composers, and artists/photographers create pieces related to their chosen prompt

  • Team Ambassadors submit pieces at minimum once a month 

  • All new members are expected to sign the Outlet Inspire's Terms and Conditions document upon acceptance in order to secure their spot on our team.

  • Contact Information: Instagram: @theoutlet.inspire; Gmail:

Why Should I join?

  • Great place to showcase your work!

  • Being part of our team provides members with a sense of community-based on similar interests and friendships.

  • We help stimulate creativity within an individual.

  • Learn from and share with others!

  • Keeps one accountable for creating and expressing their talent even if they may be busy.

  • Take part in hosting events to help further the creative talents and education of young adults

  • Our team's vibe: chill and respectful :))

  • We're a fun bunch :)

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