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A new Year

This week, our composers capture the essence of New Year's Eve and Day. If you are interested in joining our team as a member or ambassador, please feel free to contact or dm us over Instagram @theoutlet.inspire! Additionally, don't forget to submit to our Snow and Tell music composition contest!


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Johnny Kuehnis

For this week, I experimented with a style of music I'd never made before. I don't have much to say other than it was a fun experience.


Ava Arasan

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For this week, I wanted to create a piece that would represent how 2020 felt to me. The piece starts of pretty jolly to represent my personal high hopes for the beginning of a new decade. The piece soon delves into a more patternless chaos for the mid-section. However, the piece ends on a positive and slightly mysterious chord as the world welcomes in 2021. 

Don't forget to enter our snow and tell music composition contest!

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