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As they fell

They waited...

For this week, writer Ada Praun Petrovic has chosen the prompt "as they fell they waited". Scroll to discover wonderfully interesting poems :)

As I fall

By: Ava Arasan

one step forward,


my feet glide out in front of me,

rubber soles padding on the grey concrete,

pink laces securing my shoes to my feet,

forward with a scuff mark on the ground,


I am ready for my journey,

I am ready to find

the stuff of dreams,

grounded as I look ahead,


My destination is unknown to me

but yet it's been studied,


and mapped,

I am ahead of where I was last night, and the night before,


before me, I still know not what lies, but the truth I am out to find,

during those

daylight hours spent

dancing in rays of


preparing with patience for the night



finding what's lost in this land of mind,


to finally ascend alone



Mind of time, I see so clearly what is right, but-

I see it now,

my path ahead

I’m running now,

but my feet are lead,

but, I'm right back where I was before, again...

my mind

a fish

has grabbed the bait and

like so many other nights

laying in bed

I am brought to the surface,

forced to wake,

Again, I've left too soon,

before achieving the dream

I make

Soon I'll return after a day of awake,

I wait as I 





By: Ada Praun Petrovic

My whole life, I’ve been climbing

Up the stairs of life.


My whole life, I’ve been singing

Each note louder than the last.


My whole life, I’ve been laughing

Till my stomach cramped and I could barely breathe.


My whole life, I’ve been crying

Tears of joy and pain, tears of everything


My whole life has been so real and raw

So hard and easy

So sad and happy

So slow and fast

So contradictory but consistent:

Because my whole life, I’ve been climbing 


Until I laughed a little too hard

I sang a little too loud

I cried a little too much

And before I knew it

The stairs shook

And I slipped


And I’ve been falling

I’ve got no more stairs to climb

No more air to sing or laugh

No more tears to cry

So I’m just waiting


For impact, and another staircase.

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