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This week the writers capture chaos.

Just listen

By: Austina Xu

The song of the world is the sound of one earbud in instead of both

The honking,

The wheels, 

The radios from open windows,

But on this highway the only sound my ears grasp

Is the sound of my music

And the world is simply a distant echo,

But I can feel her silence

Rushing, breathing, thriving 

Knocking, trying to find a way in

Thrashing and moving left, right, side to side, and forward



She’s always moving forward


But I’m not

Instead, I am listening to the quiet strumming of a guitar 

Without the discord and static of her voice

I am not moving forward

I am not here

I am there

There with my music, and nothing else

There is where the sound is clean

Clean of impurities 

Clean of the grinding of wheels against asphalt and concrete

Clean of the angry voices from drivers rushing to get from destination to destination

My music is the sound of both earbuds in instead of one


But her

The world is clawing her way through

Freeing herself from the grip of her shackles

She’s here

Whispering something in my ear

And her symphony erupts 

Flowing and coursing its way through my arms to my toes to my fingers

Her sharps and flats twirling around me like ribbon dancers

Her hair a tangled, beautiful mess of music and dance and discourse 


And I’m here


And my music becomes the honking, the radios, the wheels on asphalt, 

The sound of pressing down the gas pedal and always moving forward

My music is enveloped in the world’s caress- intertwined, heavenly, chaotic,

And unclean


And here I sit


One earbud in,

And one out


I can hear her


Can you?


By: Ava Arasan



The rolling waves of raucous


In rampant raves

Ready to run the world over

In a blaze,


How quickly the steady drum

Can accelerate

The upbeats

Fall downward,

A sudden

Fiery fleet of sleet,


With an “a” scurrying over the crescent green hills


And the "x"

Dropping down to the



Of the

Sea floor,


With time running quickly on 

Wobbling numbers


How chaotic

A  world

We seem




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