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This week, our writers draw inspiration from the colors they find around them. If you are interested in joining our team as a member or ambassador, please feel free to contact or dm us over Instagram @theoutlet.inspire!


By: Luce Cada

    Nature. Sun, sunflowers, nectar. It’s sour lemons that you can make out of lemonade and the stars you can see every once in a while.

    Primary. A base, a component, a foundation. Even if it’s a least liked color, it’s still important to the artists at hand. 

    Wealth. A precious metal, a coin, a symbol. Something that shines and represents the money that we all need someday. 

    Happiness. Smiles, shiny eyes, sparkles. It’s what seems bright and fun, almost too bright and overoptimistic at times. 

    If it were a girl, she’d be bouncing off the walls, smiling at everyone she passed in the halls, stopping to smell the roses and sometimes losing focus. Just pure sweetness, the taste of honey, the feeling of joy coursing through your veins. She’d be at the beach every day in the summer and the Christmas lights in the winter, rolling down the hills in spring and staring at the stars in the fall. 

    Her face will always be that little emoji, rolling on the floor with joy and smiling without stopping. Always wearing the things that make her feel good and skipping through the streets without a care. She can be soft and pastel or bright and neon, but you’d only prefer the former. 

    She’ll always be the buzzing bee on the dandelion and the rays of the sun every cloudy day, by your side even when you’re feeling blue. It’s just her nature, because she’s feeling yellow. 


By: Austina Xu

Using the blue electric glow of the screen and the stars, you feel your way through perfectly manicured velvet seats until you find yours. The taste of static fills your mouth through the crevices of your teeth as you take a sip from your soda cup, before evaporating into blueberry mist. Just as you start to sink into a slumber, your body stiffens as a sharp wind breezes through your coat, and you watch as holograms of aurora borealis and black winter forests fill your otherwise dark watching box. Then, as if trying to keep you awake a little longer, silver lights begin to light up the bottom of your seat and run across your hair and lashes and fingers, transforming pitch black walls into a dark blue. At last, you feel the cold, metal rims of your 3D glasses resting on your face, and the screen in front of you sputters into life. A pale white title flashes across: Navy. 


By: Ava Arasan

When the world is dark,

that's when the light

appears to me,

In the pale of day,

the people face reality,

the rough edges

of building cubes,

When everything is static,

far from dynamic,

everything is still,

unable to move,

but under the curtain of night,

the show begins,

Vivid dreams arise,

A tangible illusion,

from toe to chin,

When the world goes black,

We begin to see.

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