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Covid changes

For this week, our writers reflect on the changes they experienced during quarantine as the one-year mark of the pandemic gets closer. If you are interested in joining our team as a member or ambassador, please feel free to contact or dm us over Instagram @theoutlet.inspire!

Writing History

By: Luce Cada

we thought that it would only be four weeks. 

we hugged goodbye thinking that we would see each other again

without masks hiding our faces and relationships having faded

yet here we are, sitting in our homes in front of screens for endless hours 

stuck but flying through a time of what could have been ours. 

starting in spring while the flowers bloomed

full of hiking and baking and Netflix and Youtube 

and then it extended to June. 

summer brought fires and movements, a reminder of our past 

the revolution of our fathers given at last

games played, calls made as our summer was lost 

and a growing number reminded us of who we lost

vacation ended for those who were young and 

a routine was made and our normal was bland 

but wasn’t the old normal just as routine? 

every little thing was painted with gold as if 

we had nothing else to talk about, that was it 

maybe we were blind from always being online 

and maybe we forgot how to be together in real life 

so we zoomed through life and aimed for the sky 

in hopes that we’d be better than before in our eyes 

and the new year arrived all too soon. 

a country torn, new artists born as we began 

to learn how to take a stand

but we had learned too many things to forget 

how to become more independent 

how we’d become dependent on the internet 

how to never take things for granted

and slowly, the world began to revive. 

they risked their lives for us to live

and used their skills to cure, only if 

we knew how to do things right

if we remember to keep the light in sight 

and remember that this whole time, we were writing history to date 

and still are, with every step we take and memory we make 

with our eyes on the prize and that still, we’ll rise 

on the hill we climb, once again we see spring skies.

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