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Determination, Time, &

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Every time

By: Luce Cada

every time you fall 

all you have to do is

get up once more

every time you break 

all you have to do is 

build yourself up 

every time you fail 

all you have to do is 

learn to improve 

every time you brake

all you have to do is 

gradually let go

even if it takes






you can go ahead and 

make the best of what

you can, because you

know you can do it. 


By: Austina Xu

She walked upon fiber fingernails while wind was her tormentor. 

And even when she could barely make out the white frays scribbled into the endless black below, her stance did not falter into gravity’s hands. 

Instead, her toes nudged the stray bits into one, collecting the wind’s strength to intertwine paths once lost. 

Into one. 

That was her secret. 

Her body stood like a totem pole and perpendicular to the shifting plates of what was already said and done. 




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