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This week, the composers turn the "stuff of dreams" into beautifully crafted music.


By: Atri Banerjee

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This piece, “floating,” sounds like a lullaby. The theory behind it is pretty simple. For the piano part, there are arpeggiated chords (chords broken up into individual notes) that follow a common chord progression in the left hand. The right hand of the piano and the trombone have the melody and counter-melody, both of which sound a little waltz-y.

Composing this piece, I decided to take a different approach to the topic. Instead of doing a happy "dream piece," I decided to focus on the flip side of dreams: nightmares. The piece starts out dark and dreary, and as it gets closer to the end, it becomes more intense. The ending itself is pretty abrupt to symbolize waking up from the nightmare and realizing that it was just a scare, for nothing really happened. 

Just a Scare

By: Johnny Kuehnis

Just a Scare
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Life's A dream

BY: Richard Zhang X Sawyer lai

Life's a Dream
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"Life’s a Dream" draws on the parallels between life and dreaming. Especially now, we feel powerless to change the world and drift along as if we’re in a dream. The song starts from the perspective of a lovesick teenager in a dream and moves to the realization of privilege in this era.

For this week's piece, I decided to try my hand at producing music. I wanted "Tranquil" to have a soothing, magical feel to it in order to create a calming ambiance, great for inducing a sweet slumber :)) 


By: Ava Arasan

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