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For this week, team member and writer Luce Cada picked the prompt "Flowers" for our composers and assigned them each a flower. Scroll to listen to the sounds of floral nature! 


Atri banerjee

00:00 / 01:05

To compose this piece, I focused on how hyacinths make you feel: relaxed and calm. I started with a little chord progression I found when I was playing around on piano. On top of this chord progression, I added a small flute accompaniment with peaceful spaces. Together, they sound easy-going, which can be useful to listen to if you’re stressed out about upcoming assignments or quizzes. Hope you enjoy :)

Fille des Fleurs 

Lucy Feng

fille des fleurs
00:00 / 01:05

A young boy is enamored by the young girl, and he cannot help but sing. A one boy boy band, if you will. I've often fallen asleep in the day, so I miss a few hours of sunlit sky. But I don't think I want to doze off in your presence if you're warmer than all my coats combined. You make me burst at the seams. With your daisy chains and sylvan dreams, I'd like to listen to you lilt forever. Flower girl, I know it's not you're wedding, but I'm quite inclined to subletting all my time and mind to you, for free.

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