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Fall Fundraiser!

Overview by: Ava Arasan and Laurie JIN

 With more than 30 million children growing up below the poverty line, 39% of America’s population lacks formal schooling. This crisis in the education of our youth in the United States is often ignored, forcing students to struggle without guidance.

At the Outlet Inspire, we believe that every child should be given an equal opportunity at a thorough, well-balanced education that develops their strengths, interests, and weaknesses. For this reason, we have partnered with Students Rising Above, a non-profit organization, to host our first-ever Fall Fundraiser. Students Rising Above’s mission is to motivate students from low-income backgrounds and help them realize their full potential from a young age. Donate through the Outlet Inspire to take part in our mission to help youth! Please read through the following interview-style questions for more information. :)

Background Information Interview with Students Rising Above

  1. What is Students Rising Above’s organization mission and why?

    1. Members at the Student Rising Above organization strive to support first-generation students that come from difficult backgrounds in their education. Not only do they assist in high school education, but they also help them with future employment and generally accomplishing goals their students have.

  2. How do you encourage creativity/inspire your students?*

    1. Students Rising Above goal is to create comfortable, nurturing surroundings for their students. As such, they take pride in their structured, friendly work environment filled with support, communication in hopes to inspire creativity, and motivation in their team. 

  3. How do donations be used to benefit your students/organization?*

    1. Donations help provide students with tools such as laptops, software access, monthly allowances, etc. Students will also be given access to immediate financial support in their journey through college.

Stats and Facts: here are the numbers that show how SRA helps students

  1. All students are accepted into a four-year college, receive some sort of financial aid, and have medical care.

  2. While only 34% of low-income students nationwide get their bachelor’s, 91% of students helped by SRA receive their bachelor’s degree.

  3. As we all know, college debt can easily accumulate for anyone, but at SRA a majority of their students (64%) finish college without any debt.

  4. SRA makes sure to keep in contact with their members throughout their education and career experience. Currently, 78% of participants are in a ladder-climbing career 12 months after they finish college.

The outlet inspire x Students Rising Above

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