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This week, the composers harvest their creativity to compose soulful country music.


Lucy Feng

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The fire laps the logs as we crowd around with tin cups in hands and dirt clumps in boots. Sunlight drags its feet on its way out, as if hesitant in fear of missing out on conversation. "Good work today." "Thanks, you too." My nose is wiped along my sleeve, and we all laugh as sweat smears my face. The song we play is slow, tired, relieved. Grandpa plucks while we hum along, Uncle Joe bangs the fence posts like drums. My eyes wander as they smile, and the wheat stacks and bales look so proud in silhouette against a dimming sky. This life suddenly goes dark, and I hurry to write it all down before the scene leaves me for good.

Scary Folk

Scary Folk
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Ava Arasan

"Scary Folk" is an enchanting piece written from the point of view of a scarecrow watching over a poor harvest. The repeated melodies serve to represent the mundane life the scarecrow leads, and the creepy, haunting melody serves the mood.

scared crow - Atri Banerjee
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Scared Crow

Atri Banerjee

Spooky season is on its way! I’m looking forward to October, and although we were supposed to wait until near Halloween to write spooky-ish music, I might not have done so. Musically, I chose to use a saxophone again since its sound is really cool. I also added a piano, the instrument I’m most comfortable with, after a while. Lastly, I’d like to let everyone know that I’m very proud of the title of this piece. Scared crow? A scarecrow (set to scare crows) scared a crow, and the crow became a scared crow? Pure genius, if I may say so myself.

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