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When You Walk under ladders

By: Austina Xu

When the pale shadowed isosceles 

Casts itself onto me


When my toenails carve C’s into

My rubber soles no longer in balance


When the metal winces and flinches

A teetering pendulum


When the air beneath the ellipse

Feels tighter and colder with every inhale


When the bars of black make hashes

On my face like prison bars


When I dare look up


(I don’t.)


Light is my umbrella once again


And no rain has even fallen

Step Up

By: Luce Cada

it’s time to 

step up 

time to step into the sun 

time to step out of the dark 

and rebuild a world

where no one is left alone.


it’s time to 

make up 

time to make our mark 

time to make it better 

not worse, not a place

where people are oppressed.


it’s time to 

rise up 

time to rise to the top 

time to rise to the moon 

climb ladders, climb stairs, climb mountains 

to where we want to be. 


it’s time to 

change up 

time to change for the better

time to change what we thought

was right, because time

changes too — the world changes.


it’s time to 

look up 

time to look to the future 

time to look forward to tomorrow

because you never know what’s

next, it’s our world to live in.

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