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This week, the composers connect with their inner margin to produce mystical masterpieces.


Stephen Xia

"Magic" is a relatively broad term, for example, you can have a more playful magic, something darker, or many other themes. I eventually settled on a theme that was more joyful and whimsical (hence the title). My goal was to encompass the feeling of a journey through nature, not as a human, but as a more whimsical creature. (I got some inspiration from Lulu and Neeko, if you happen to know who those two are.)

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Magic Forest

Johnny Kuehnis

Magic Forest
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When writing this piece, I tried to make it sound mysterious. However, when I got to the end, I wanted to add something that sounded epic, so I did. The piece transitions from a calm tone to a slow buildup, ending with an epic finale. I'm not sure if it works super well with the rest of the piece, but I like how it turned out.

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