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This week, the composers capture the essence of rain in their songs.


Anika Pandey

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This piece, "Cascade," was inspired by a traditional rainstorm. It starts off with droplets, sporadically falling like notes being played at random intervals. It then builds up adding more and more notes, to symbolize more and more droplets. It keeps building up until the end. It is also in a major key because most songs about rain are minor and sad, but rain isn't always sad.


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Johnny Kuehnis

As we haven't had rain for a while, it was kind of difficult to write a song about rain. I listened to some rain sound effects for a while to get some inspiration, and in the end, I just put some of them into the song itself. It turned out better than I thought, and I had fun exploring what my new music software could do.


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Stephen Xia

I wanted to challenge myself and try out instruments that I wasn't necessarily comfortable with. I wanted to try some instrument that could represent the rain (the harp), and the cello also helped give longer sustained sounds for lower pitches instead of a pedal for the piano. When I thought of rain, I also thought of the sky and the stars too, so I really wanted to encompass the night sky into the music.

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