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A Conversation

By: Ava Arasan

If I could have a conversation with myself

What would I say?

I’d stare into my very own eyes.

And like that I would remain.

An exact reflection

In width and in height,


But in her own mindset,

How different would she be?


I would watch my lips part

From their dark divide,

And by some force, she would just listen,

Peacefully sublime,


And she would respond with kind words,

With a melodious voice,

And hold my hand,

By deliberate choice,


What advice would she whisper?

Upon unsuspecting ears,

Would she be there to catch me?

Through the thick and through clear,


Or would she stare back in silence,

And leave me there to be,

Copying my every move like

An automated machine,


I have everyone,

I have everything,

But I need the girl in the mirror

To look back and see

me for who I am,

Me for me,


I need her to step up

And take full control

To march me past distractions

Strong-willed and bold.

I need her to take me

To the depths of our mind,

And break us both free

Of our flaws and our binds,


I need her to love me,

As I try also to,


I need her to be me,

And then we both will be free.

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