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Shared Melody Challenge

This week, the composers begin the two-week installment of the Shared Melody Challenge. The composers came up with a single 4-measure long melody at a meeting and derived and developed their own pieces afterward. Make sure to check out next week's installment too! Enjoy!

Shared Music

Shared Music
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Ava Arasan

I really enjoyed this challenge! It was also really interesting to see all of our different interpretations of the same melody. I hope you enjoy too!

Existing Melody

Johnny Kuehnis

Existing Melody
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This one one of the more fun pieces to make. I often find it difficult to start a piece from scratch, but once I get the main melody, the rest of the process goes pretty smoothly. This time, however, by starting with a melody, I was able to focus on the other parts of the music and how they worked with the melody. I'm excited to see how everyone else utilized this melody in their own works.

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