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The Cold

This week, the composers create some very cool pieces :) If you are interested in composing/producing of your own, please head on over to our "Contests" tab for more information on our Snow and Tell Music Composition Contest!

Stuck in a blizzard

Stuck in a Blizzard
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Johnny Kuehnis

Because the prompt for this week was pretty general, I decided to narrow down te topic of cold to stuck in a blizzard. I tried to make this piece a little more negative, with the pizzicato in the strings giving a sense of dread. Overall, it was a pretty fun piece to make. The use of strings on this one was interesting to work out, but I think I like how it sounds.


Ava Arasan

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For this week, I tried to give my piece a more hollow feel. While I usually include more instruments and harmonies, this week I reduced the number to give my piece a more empty and somber mood. This piece is unlike most of the pieces I have composed, but I still enjoyed creating it :)

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