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The Maze

This week, our writers explore the mystery of the maze :)

Amaze a Maze

By: Ava Arasan

How interesting!

To be amazed by a maze,

Sweet fall hours spent

shivering inside

a sound structure,

Warm colored leaves

dancing down from,

dangling trees,

In the spirit of fall,

We give thanks for our lives,

our love,

friends and family,

the crystal clear clarity,

But still how enticing,

To dip a toe in the mystery

surrounded by maize,

we all fall amazed,

trying to find our way,

through the annual corn maze :)


By: Ada Praun Petrovic

    The funny thing about mazes is that they’re so cliche. For a structure that’s supposed to be unconventional, confusing, and disorienting by nature, mazes are just so… typical. When I see a maze, I don’t go “dearie me, I am so lost, what shall I do?” Nah, it’s just, like, a playground. Got some nice shrubbery. Oh, heya there Ben, you been stuck in here a while? A few days? Yeah, it's cool, expected. I mean, if life is a maze, I’d frankly appreciate being stuck inside it, for, a while, y’know. Cause the end probably means, well, the end. So nah, mazes aren’t that freaky. You know what is though? -No maze. I mean think about it. In a maze, you’ve got structure. You’ve got walls that guide you along specific paths and you just follow them. You hit some dead ends, you wander around a bit, but so does everyone. What about when there’s no maze? It’s just empty space, it’s nothing. It’s chaos because there’s no start and no beginning and no left and right or up or down. Just a void. And somehow the void is constricting because the walls of that maze comforted you. The shrubbery kept you warm. And the void is cold because there’s no light. It’s so cold that as you curl into a ball you start to feel hot. And then you’re burning up and you can’t move because then you’ll heat up more so you keep on shriveling into some small insignificant speck that barely exists in the vastness of nothing. What even are you? No one cares. No one built you a maze. Who is no one? Are you? What?

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