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The Past

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If the world fell down

By: Ava Arasan

The world collapsed in on itself

The trees shook in the tide

The mountains managed to crash,

Yet they managed to survive,


The ground rolled up to the sky,

And space fell to the ground,

They slid across the universe,

Yet they managed to swing back around,


Blood was shed,

And lives were taken, 

But yet there they were still,

Stone-faced, Unshaken,


Monuments fell,

And they whispered quiet words to hell,

Yet still their fears,

they managed to quell,


Yet in the minds of their descendants,

In the rise and swell of time,

All went perfectly well, perfectly fine,

For they have made themselves blind,


And they breathe that air

 bittersweet air of old,

Yet they do not care for the stories

That were painstakingly told

100 or 1,000 years ago.


So they continue on,

Their minds have gone,

Treading like zombies,

The unsuspecting pawns,


Of the treats that they wrap their heads in,

Every minute of the day,

Never worrying or weighing,

The consequences they will pay,


They must step out 

Of the lure

Of the trap,

And unite the countries,

Strewn across the map,


For if our skyscrapers collapse,

And our cities cave in,

After all their effort,

Who will be left to win?

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