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By: Ava Arasan



When you put one hand 

over another hand

Yet they are equal,


When you 

Make barricades

Just for more facades

Of world where

One person is better

Than another,


When your skin

Cannot shine

Like a diamond 

Painting the sky with stars,


a unique color lines your face,

Since when was that 



Well, there is something that needs





After working hard

Sweat dripping down her face,

The fruits of her labor going to a place

Where she can help and nurture

Her life to finally grow, 



Is when she is paid

And credited less

For something

she did

Just the same,


They treat her life like a game,



When they are 

Humiliated just for not feeling right

In the body, they were born in,

When they want to change,

Why should we hinder them with chains, 



When one loves somebody with

All of their heart

When they cannot bear to even stand apart,


Why is there so much shame

When their sweetheart is a man or a women

Like them

just the same,



Is when they have to hide in fear,

No one left to cheer them on,

And their love is a secret

Hushed away

Like a sin,



When a hand open wide

Ready to take one final reach

The final stride

To victory,

to success,

Doing what they can,

Doing their best,




Is when there is a breach

When the one with power

Makes the speech

Saying that

They are not good enough,

They are not tough enough,

They are 



If their efforts were the same

What had to change

For that 





What if we could live a life in which

We shed all that unnecessary strife,

And we held hands,

All our bands of color,

would make a rainbow,


And love is love

Simply love

And it is not a crime

When you wish to bind your love

With some that is the same 

Gender as you,


I hope that someday

We can bend our rules

Burn the shadows

Swim in lovely pools

Of peace and acceptance,

And injustice would never show its face,

We would all  banish it far away to a place


Live together

Love together,

Free of



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