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Uncharted Waters

By: Luce Cada

    When she stands in the water, all she can see for miles is the ocean. She can see where the sea meets the sky and the sun is high in the baby blue dome that she can call her own. She can see where the dark ocean blue fades to light sea blue and the hues of one color mix and melt into a million more, dabs of white popping up and washing up on shore. 

    She can only imagine the vastness of the ocean and uncharted waters, the five percent of hers not even explainable by mere words and she wonders what lies under the ships that cross her sea. What is out there? What are the rare creatures waiting to be found? What are their names, their ages, their pains, their changes? 

    Every day, she waits for something to pass by — a dolphin, a whale, a bird in the sky — and tell her what comes next, what to expect, and to rest when she’s restless. Those uncharted waters won’t be charted until she finally learns to part with what’s behind her. 

    Every day, the sun rises in the east, where her heritage lies, where the dragons fly; she can’t see the sun behind her. Every day, the sun sets in the west, where her memories are, where she gained her scars; she can always see the sun in front of her. And when the sun touches the horizon her heart beats in silence, wondering where she’s going, where she’s hiding, where she’s looking. 

    Her chest rises and falls like the swells of the sea, calling to her because it was meant to be. Her heart is her compass, guiding her, keeping her alive and therefore she knows that these uncharted waters are hers to chart, to find, and to start to sail away on her own. There will always be the sand at her back, grounding her to the earth; the ocean around her, pushing her along without stopping; the air for her to breathe, to give her chances and risks; the sun and moon above her, to light her way to victory. Her ship will never lose its way, because today, she knows she has all it takes to find her place in her uncharted waters. 

Night Shift

By: Austina Xu

When the flame of Day’s 

torch ceases, Night unlocks her 

dark metropolis 

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