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This week, composer Atri Banerjee depicts feelings of disagreement through his piece. Additionally, Lennart Kling, our first ambassador, showcases a piece he wrote for his shared album Earl. If you are interested in joining our music composition teams, please dm us over Instagram at theoutlet.inspire or email


Lennart Kling

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In January 2020 my friend Nico and I started to work on our first Album
"Earl" together. He and I composed some pieces to publish it
under the Name "Victonika". "Cerberus" was one of my compositions; I
started with the piano only and then it grew bigger and bigger until it
finally anded up as a dramatic piece with fast a guitar, loud trumpets and wild drums which has been really fun to create!


Atri Banerjee

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This week's prompt was disagreement. I interpreted it as a disagreement with the norm. Lately, I've been listening to unique piano pieces such as "La Campanella" by Liszt and "Because This Must Be" by Nils Frahm. Both of them have a distinct feel and I've used those pieces as inspiration to write this piece.

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