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zig Zag

This week, our composers capture a "zig zag" pattern in music. If you are interested in joining our team as a member or ambassador, please feel free to contact or dm us over Instagram @theoutlet.inspire! Additionally, don't forget to submit to our Snow and Tell music composition contest!


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Atri Banerjee

I wrote this piece for a guitar and an electric bass. I've used this combination of instruments before, but usually I keep them in the background. This time, I drew attention to them with only drums in the background. For inspiration, I listened to nontraditional jazz artists, and I incorporated ideas such as the break and the mesh of different rhythms into this piece. I tried to write a solo over this, but the brass instruments sound strange with my current software, so I plan on making a gradual switch soon.

Don't forget to enter our snow and tell music composition contest!

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